Representation In Courts-Martial And Administrative Separation Hearings

Courts-martial and administrative separation proceedings are very serious matters for military personnel who face them. The wrong result can mean the end of a career, or worse.Having strong, focused legal representation is key to reaching the best possible outcome in your military court case.

As a service member, you will be appointed a detail attorney, but your legal matter may be better handled by an outside attorney with no connection to your base or your unit. If you are facing a court-martial or separation, seek proper legal advice as soon as possible. Make sure your rights are protected.

Are You Facing A Court-Martial Or Separation?

If you are worried about your future, you need the strongest, most effective legal representation possible. Blankenship Massey & Associates Attorneys at Law can provide it. Attorney Ed Massey is an experienced civilian defense attorney with significant military courtroom experience. He can answer critical questions you may have, such as:

  • What is the difference between a summary court-martial and a general court-martial?
  • Will I be dismissed from the military?
  • If I am found not guilty, can I still be separated from the military? (The answer is yes.)
  • What information do I need to defend myself?
  • Can a civilian lawyer help me in a way that a detail attorney can’t?
  • Can I appeal if I am found guilty?

The answers to your questions will depend on numerous factors because every case is different. Get the guidance you need before you go to court.

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